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A long road ahead and my journey down it.

13 years 6 months ago #70701 by hopefulMDtx
Where do I begin? :guilty: I'm hoping to blow the roof off of the MCAT to make up for it. I've always done well on standardized tests and I figure i can start studying now a year to a year and a half before I plan on taking it.

I know the road ahead of me is going to be really difficult and long, but hopefully i can make it. :crossfingers: Well my boyfriend is visiting me this weekend, (we live a few hours apart), and he's about to wake up so i'm gunna go for now.

~smile, even when you don't want to, because it makes everything seem just a little bit better~

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13 years 6 months ago #70702 by hopefulMDtx
So today I am a little frustrated. I want to volunteer or do something to get involved with medicine, but I feel like all i'm doing is hitting walls. I work during the day so i can only volunteer or get experience at night or on weekends. I tried looking into volunteering at a hospital, but they want a 6 month commitment and I will only be living in this town for 5 more months, so that won't work. I don't know any physicians to try to get to shadow or volunteer with. I tried looking for ways to volunteer as an EMT, but i couldn't find any. *sigh* Hopefully i can find something.

I also am discouraged by the prices for MCAT prep stuff...1,500 or more for a class?!?! :boggled: Then they say 70 to 80 percent of the people who get accepted to medical school took the class. So I know that I will kick myself if I don't take the class and then I don't do well on the MCAT, but i feel like I could probably study just as well on my own with the Examkracker books...choices choices...

Alright, well if anyone knows of anything I can do to volunteer or gain experience with medicine in the Houston Area that doesn't ask for a 6 month commitment I'd soooooo appreciate it!

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13 years 6 months ago #70703 by hopefulMDtx
So this weekend has been crazy. My sister is 7 months pregnant and kept having contractions. They decided she has (irritable uterus?) or something like that. Also my nephew is already engaged in the pelvis at the -1 station (i think). So they have my sister on bed rest and are going to do a test on tuesday to see if an enzyme has been released that would signify she was at risk for going into labor in the next 2 weeks. I know we are all really excited for this baby to be born, but i really want him to keep "cooking" for a little bit longer :( ...

I then went to a doctor's appointment with my boyfriend and his mom. I don't think i've mentioned it before but my boyfriend has a kind of rare genetic disorder called Friedrich's ataxia. Luckily he has a mild case. I really like this doc. She's a very friendly neurologist, and took time to answer all 100 of my beau's mom's questions. His mom really isn't handling this well. She decided to tell the doc that since his foot wasn't sitting flat on the ground (a common trait of FA) she read about a surgery that could snip something and make the foot lay flat and would the dr. reccomend it?!?! :guilty: I love my beau so much and I can't imagine us being apart, but as guilty as it makes me feel i sometimes worry if I will be strong enough to work full time, have kids, and have a husband who may need a little extra help in the future. But i guess i just need to remind myself that God won't ever give us more than we can handle. And who knows, maybe they will find a breakthrough in FA treatment!

Well, i just got a new vacuum so i'm gunna go try it out. :goodvibes: o.k. i know it is dorky, but i'm really excited about it. My old one was from the 70's and even had level for "shag" on it.

Hope everyone is having a great day/night.

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