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Following My Dreams

13 years 5 months ago #70717 by Alena

I just thought I'd bight the bullet and start one of these things, I feel like I am actually able to do it now that I am in the process of applying to med school.

So I am from the land of Oz. So things are a little different here. If you don't beat like 95% of the other students in your final exam in your last year of high school (higher school certificate) you don't meet the academic requirements for entry unless you do something else.

I am the person who wanted to be a Dr since she was 11, but never thought it was actually possible so never reached for it. I stumbled along trying different things and failing at most until now.
I started a nursing degree thinking this will be the next best thing, and although I like it, it isn't medicine.
I can apply with one year of fulltime study completed as long as my average is a cerdit or better.
(Credit is a mark of between 65-74% I think)
So far this year I have gotton two Distinctions and two High distinctions. (75-84% = D and 85-100% = HD) I just have to complete this semester with the same marks.
At the moment I am supposed to be studying for my pharmocology test which is on friday. This is for the hubs (human boiscience) course that I am taking. I failed the last test, which was worth 3% of my final grade. So not sure how I will go with this one. (And yes it is only 3%)
I sat the UMAT in July, and have completed my UAC application and am just going to submit my uni application on Friday and that is that.

I have one daughter who is 2.5 and my husband is a computer tech and has commenced studying part time by distance ed for his comp science degree. He isn't keen on me doing medicine and has basically given me an altermatun. Study medicine and no more children.
He isn't the type that wants a SAHM or housewife as he is happy for his mother to do it all for us, but he does have it in his head that I should work fulltime all the time. HE isn't keen on supporting me for another 5 years if I get in.

I have struggled with this for a long time but I have decided that I am going to go for it anyway. Most of my life I have done what others either wanted me to do or thought I should do. Now it is my turn.

Well time to get back to pharmocology...

I find out my UMAT results towards the end of september and the uni sends out invitations for interviews in November. I am starting to get excited, I never dreamed in a million years that I would do this. I just hope that I don't get my hopes up. I'm not too confident with the UMAT, but we will see. At least I can keep applying every year until I get in.

Oh, I'm happy to recieve comments, feel free to PM me.

Michelle<br /><br />Mother to Susan<br />Wife of Brian<br />Nursing Student (equiv. premed)

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13 years 5 months ago #70718 by Alena
Ok, so I just finished my two pharmocology tests with 95% in each of them. Pretty happy with that, considering I only got one question wrong in each test.
We start microbiology tomorrow. That should be really interesting. I also have to work tomorrow night, will probably be a late night. Classes all day and work at night, and it is now almost midnight. I'm a little tired.

Now that I have 95% in each, that will bring my marks back up, I failed the first test on neurology and only barely passed the second. But with these results it brings me back up to a D which I am happy with (don't freak out, a D is a Distinction, I wouldn't even know how to convert that to A, B, C, etc but it is the second highest, ours go from highest to lowest HD, D, C, P, FF.)
Well I think I will go and read some more about formless meditation and go to sleep. I have to print out my lecture notes and have them bound tomorrow in my break. I also have to do some more communicology as I am way behind with that.

Susan went to sleep with no major problems tonight, she got out of bed once, but I put her in the high chair. She stayed in bed after that. It has only taken us three days to get her to sleep in her own bed. She really is a great kid, I can see the improvements in her behaviour already too since we started setting limits and actually sticking to them. WE have stopped with the yelling and smacking and just learned to follow through. If she does something wrong, she gets warned, then if she does it again, something gets taken away. If it is a major thing or she gets out of bed, she goes in the high chair for a minute or so. I'm trying to help her feel like she had more control over her circumstances by offering her choices and allowing her to do more things. I let her carry the water out and water the plant today. (yes we only have one plant...) she is responding well. Anyway time for bed, have to leave at 8am in the morning. I hope they are not busy at work tomorrow night. I want to have the night off to catch up on a few things. (Like sleep)

Michelle<br /><br />Mother to Susan<br />Wife of Brian<br />Nursing Student (equiv. premed)

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