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My Heart's Desire

10 years 7 months ago #70873 by doctorjoy
well I have about a week and a half left in this rotation and then I guess off to reality. Not sure how to prepare for it. My next rotation is internal medicine. In my opinion i don't think I have done enough in this rotation as far as on my part with reading and other things. I am still bit off about what to write down for the patients. Well psych history is a bit different I think from what I have been doing. I think the school was preparing for step 2 writing and not real clinical writing on a form with not a lot space. But I know as time goes on things will click and be ok.
ok totally off the subject. I cut my nails :eek: Now they weren't long. But I have grown them out for over 7 years and they were nice. they weren't the jackie joyner kersey length, just a tasteful length that was appropriate and always looked good. I guess I went ahead and shortened them just to anticipate if someone told me if they were a bit too long. but yeah they are gone. I still look at my hands feel like they function differently. ok
well I have lost my train of thought. Well happy Father's day to everyone out there

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10 years 4 months ago #70874 by doctorjoy
well this will be my last entry here for a while I until I get my footing back, I have a lot on my plate. just trying to keep my head on straight, through a lot of mess.... If you have not watched the Ben Carson Story "Gifted Hands" to me it was very moving. I remember meeting him when I was about ten or eleven I think about the time his first book came out and he was doing tours. and he came to my elementary school... now it has been years since I heard he speak the first time, but I remember wondering around with my friends, but when his wife got up to play the violin, I remeber standing by the wall and listening and was just memorized..she plays beautifully and then Dr. Carson got up to speak..I was just moved by his story because it seemed just like mine and I still have things to accomplish, but I know I can do it..anyway after he spoke they were selling his book and I had to have a copy. My parents got me one and he signed it for me and I still have it. I have read his other three books and just inspired each time I read something about or watch something concerning him..For me every time I lose faith in what I am doing, my inspirations always show up. Each teach me about perseverance, trusting in God, discipline, trusting in God, just doing my best. So what inspires me.. well Dr. Carson for one, a motivational speaker who I also heard when I a teenager who took a long time to get his college degree, I even graduated before him. But now he is working on his doctorate and has his own church now even when people said he could not do it. I hope he puts his story in a book one day.. Then the movie Something the Lord made, just a great story..those are my three that keep in what I am in. well I hope all those who are starting on there new journey into medical school will cherish it, work hard, and don't forget yourself, exercise, play, and be grateful, because someone else could be in your spot.

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