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My Heart's Desire

11 years 7 months ago #70819 by doctorjoy
This should not be long. I hope. Medical makes you miss a lot things. My best friend had a baby boy a month ago and I did not know she was pregnant. During my first year of medical school she had a little girl that just turned one in February. The recent one was not planned. But I feel bad. I really have not communicated with anyone that much this year. Robbins Pathology, First Aid have taken over my life. :wave: :p

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11 years 7 months ago #70820 by doctorjoy
well I had a wonderful spring break and learned some things that I will share at a later date when I can get my mind together. For my last two tests before spring break, I was really sick. So I studied at home, not to spread or catch any more germs. (sidebar: If you are sick stay home) Anyway, for some reason, when I received my grades I did better than I had done all year. Especially the last one where I received a high B. :yes:

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11 years 7 months ago #70821 by doctorjoy
Spring Break O Spring Break where did you go?

The happy times, the restful times, the peace,
Things are just not the same without my Spring Break.

What has happened O Medical School O medical School. the joy of coming to medical school day has dissipated
The joy is now in leaving 2nd year
In between this time who knows.
O medical school, O medical school.......

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11 years 7 months ago #70822 by doctorjoy
I am having a very weird day. I am in the home stretch for school finishing. This post is probably all over the place, because my mind is swarming with so much that is going on.

For some reason today I have that sense of urgency. That I have a lot to accomplish and need to do and want to do it. I am not sure where this came from. But I feel pushed to do better then what I have been doing in my last two years of medical school, but it is different. Just a different feeling that I can and I will. Not if, but YES
I am gearing up to start my intense board review. The schedule that my group and I had,I have completed. I have gone through each subject just very simply and trying to retain and learn. I am not sure if I laid out what we did. This all started in mid december. We had a lunch meeting to get all on the same page and give our group a goal score and name. From there we decided to make a schedule that went from Dec to April that included doing each subject tested for 8 days. It really was a good idea. It allowed for review of topics you have not seen awhile. basically reading 20 pages a night on that particular subject allowed for sufficient time. So let's say week one was Biochemistry. For me I used High yield biochemistry and if there were certain areas that were lacking I looked it over in lippincoit illustrated review or Rapid review. But the base text was high yield. Each night of the week I read 20-25 pages and was able to finish it in 8 days. When it came to the Systems like Cardiovascular- certain topics I grouped together because in my mind they made more sense. I made sure to do the Embryology, Histology, and Anatomy in the same day. Each day I allotted about two hours for board study. I still had to prepare for my classes, which were more important than boards at the time. So depending when the major class exams where I had to change the schedule Now there were times in the schedule that I had to double up on subjects because I just did not get to it. Each day we were suppose to do questions but I never really go to them. Which now that I think about it is good. I attended a seminar that help me put into perspective of how to handle the questions and using First Aid effectively in studying for Boards. I will let you know how that goes when I get that wonderful score. I have some loose ends like general pathology and general pharm. to review but hopefully by the end of this week I will complete them and get ready to for the nitty gritty. This week I was to review all subjects, but in one week that is a bit of a stretch. So I plan to review the tests that I took on Sunday, which in my mind were horrible, but a great learning tool. Since I am going to be diligent I will learn, I will achieve my goal.

I am really excited about this. Its like I can’t wait to study my notes for class and get to do my board review later this evening. I like this…. I wonder where this feeling was all of second year :eek: Seriously, I am on this high that won’t go away. I am just really excited about studying and medical school in general right now. :p

Well so far so better for my classes. I am not out of the woods yet because school is not over and I still need to make sure I finish strong. Things are a bit strange. I was sick for a long time and my grades improved. For my last test I did not study like I normally do. I did more sleeping than anything and I got the best grade ever for the year on this last test. My body is telling me no, but my mind is saying yes…. Anyway, third year is around the corner I am trying my best to finalize my rotation. The order is set, just who I want to do the rotation with is what I am trying to get just right. I am really ready to move on. My dreams of late have been about being on the wards and getting PIMPED, taking H&Ps, getting yelled at for getting tired of holding the retractor in surgery, I am just so ready for more. Maybe that is the excitement in me today. :wave:

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11 years 7 months ago #70823 by doctorjoy
I think the feelings from that previous post disappeared about two hours later.....

Right now, i am really tired and can not concentrate on studying. If I go to sleep now and wake up in about 6 hours I will be up for the rest of the day tomorrow and still will not be able to function. My study group and I have come up with unique ways of studying for boards. We have flash card taboo. Biochemical scrabble, Pharmacology tic tac toe. We play these games late at night to get the brain going to study some school stuff until about midnight. The last couple of days have been pretty hard with classes and trying to gear up for studying. The classes right now are all clinically based which will help for rotations. I try my best to go to them. But right now our class schedule is from 8-5 everyday and that is a killer with trying to study after class all day. I just pick and choose what I think is important.
I think my body is getting more out of whack or maybe it is just my mind, but I wake up to early. My normal time is between 5 and 5:30, but as of late it is 4 in the morning. That is too early. i try to fall back asleep but when I finally do the alarm goes off. This is also attributing to my tiredness during the day. I have a lot of studying to do and trying to take a nap is really hard.
Anyway, I need to try and get back at it.... :p

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11 years 6 months ago #70824 by doctorjoy
my mind is on new beginnings. My yard before the drought in south looked pretty good with the plants and vegetables. but the rain did not come and the ground was as hard as rock and nothing was to be watered, so the garden was no good. But earlier I don't remember when I planted some bulbs. In my mind I thought they would not grow without the water. Well I look out in the yard and my tulips and some other flowers are growing like crazy. And then the unexpected, I had dome begonias from a while back that are coming back to life and the most lovely factor is my romaine lettuce is coming up. There are some other things sprouting up and I am not sure if they are weeds or my greens, cabbage, broccoli.... This just has me excited. I did not think anything would grow back there. Well I have to hit the studying for a good 30 minutes and then off to fix the dinner for the week. I am suppose to stop but my mind is full with things to get out and not sure how to say it all. I should really be studying for my test and boards coming up, but I really can not concentrate. I am getting close to the end of 2nd year. The stress of this year alone makes me wonder if i would do this year again and the answer is NO!!!!!! I am praying hard that this does not happen. i am not sure after today's test which was a whopper and it was pass or fail. I really played the guessing game after a while. This weekend I could not get myself into the study groove. I was just so tired. I was at the point where i was driving, and I would have to fight to say awake. Even now.. I am writing this and listening to a lecture and falling a sleep...
Well for those who are studying boards (what are doing reading this....lol :wave:

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