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10 years 1 month ago #72487 by SportyBaby828
I'm 28 y/o and a 3rd year medical student in So-Cal. The first 2 years of medical school flew by and I married my college sweetheart just last Sept 09. Since he is a PGY2 in Emergency Med and I'm in medical school.... we literally had to ask for a day off to be married :)

And our honeymoon was delayed until just this Dec 09. We had a wonderful time in Hawaii and just found out this NYE that we are expecting our 1st child.

Finding out was quite comical... Missing my period I calmly took a test and when it came out NEG I was somewhat relieved and somewhat disappointed. However I had this gnawing feeling that something wasn't right and I promised myself I'd take another test on NYE to make certain (I didn't want to drink if I was pregnant!). I took another test and this time the results said, "inconclusive." Huh? I'm a medical student and I've completed my OB-GYN rotation, shouldn't I know how to read a darn preg test? I guess it's different when you are looking at the results of a complete stranger versus yourself. So I took yet another test... and if I wasn't in such denial I could swear it almost looked POS. No way! And so off I went... with yet another preg test to my sisters apartment. We went shopping and chatted and I told her my situation. As soon as we got back to her apartment we ran into the bathroom and I tried the test. Again it looked ambiguous to me. The plus sign looked like part of it was fading... like it wasn't a true POS. There's that denial again!

My little came in and grabbed the test.... "OMG, you preggers!" And I the medical student said, "No way, seriously?!" And she looks at me and says, "Are you excited? I AM!" At this point I still didn't believe it. I mean the plus sign was partly faded. That couldn't be right.

I drive home and purchase more preg tests. This time there would be NO question. I found one that says, "pregnant" or "not pregnant." Couldn't mess that up, right? I run home and pee what feels like the 20th time and wait the obliged 1 min. The electronic display starts to blink to signal it's readiness to display my long-awaited result.... AND....
"PREGNANT." I stare at the test in disbelief... I'm nervous, excited, anxious. WOW! I want to call my husband immediately but he is working in the busy-ED and I'll be picking him up in less than 5 hours.

Fast-forward to 8pm: I'm picking up my wonderful husband from the hospital. As he sits in the car I wonder how I will tell him. Will he be upset? Will he be happy? What are we going to do? I start out by asking how his shift went. We chat nonchalantly about his day and the topic moves to me. "How are you doing, hun?" I want to say: Great hun, I'm preggers! But I don't. I start off by telling him that I saw my sister and we had a great day. I then move to the topic of my missed period and how I'm OCD and wanted to make sure it's stress causing it to be MIA... not something else. So I begin telling him the story of my preg tests culminating in the POS result. He looks at me and says, "Really?! Oh wow! Congratulations!" I look at him sheepishly and say, "You sperminated me!" He laughs and the tension is broken. We drive home and I immediately try the 2nd test for him. He runs into the bathroom as soon as I'm done and we both watch as the electronic display blinks expectantly. 30 seconds later... there it is.... POSITIVE! We are going to be parents!

Soon-to-be mommy <img src="<<GRAEMLIN_URL>>/smile.gif" alt="smile" title="smile" height="15" width="15" />

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