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Not that I want to start my first entry this way..

8 years 3 months ago #82523 by clee03m
I feel sooo much better now that I am taking one day off per week. My mother in law and I are getting along better. Now that my crazy jealousy has subsided, I realize that I was bat you know what crazy. She is so wonderful with my son. But I am glad we drew up some boundaries. She is going home more often letting the three of us to have more family time. She gently encourages my son to play with me when she and I are both with him. My husband and I stopped including her in everything we do that involves the boy. We are over all more balanced than before. And my mother in law does not seem any less happy.

My new obsession is arts, crafts, and creative activities for my son. I realize this is a bit of a pattern I have. Even before my son was born, I always needed some kind of pet project. Before my son, I would be mostly obsessed about rock climbing. I would always be researching the best gear, next place to climb, finding and learning the topo's, etc. After my son was born, I found myself climbing less and less and at a loss for what to do for my pet projects.

Then came the craigs list days. I found clothes and toys cheap on craigs list...until my son got enough clothes and toys. My husband would argue too much stuff.

Now, I've moved onto arts and crafts. I spend all my time between cases and on call researching crafts. Unfortunately, my list is almost full. My husband wants to look at what I am buying because he says I go a little over board at times. What! Moi?

I really need to finish setting up my son's playroom before I buy all these arts/craft stuff. But it is so hard to do that. I want to either play with my son or relax. But I do think the little desk and chairs I got would be perfect for art projects. And I want to also buy an easel. Now, am I going overboard?

I am also trying out 2 subscriptions. One with toddler kits and one with 'curriculums.' I have never been really good with kids and never really babysat or anything, so I am a bit at a loss with my son. Other than music and books, I had no idea what else to do with him. I bought him some toys, but he tires of duplos pretty quickly, and I guess he is too young for wooden trains. That is another thing. I am not very good at guessing that is good for his age. I am hoping I am not making that mistake with the art stuff.

So here is a list of what I am going to buy.
1. Finger paint and finger paint paper.
2. Paint with toddler friendly paint cups and brushes
3. Chalk for easel
4. Sidewalk chalk
5. Dry erase marker for easel
6. Regular markers
7. Play dough
8. Some Alex craft kits for 2 year olds. Heck, my son (19 months) is advanced right?

Well, this is before my husband. He may veto some stuff.

Well, I am going on a girl's night out tonight. I was going to climb on Sunday with them as well, but I think I may have to cancel. My symphysis pubis instability is acting up again. And I am not sure I can handle not seeing him Friday night and Sunday all day.

Wow, a really rambling blog, huh?

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8 years 3 months ago #82549 by clee03m
Pelvic instability (symphysis pubis instability) is in full swing, and I am officially no longer climbing. I am woddling worse than ever because walking hurts. I really hate it when people say things like "Awwww, you are woddling." I want to scream at them that I am in a lot of pain. I wish people would just keep all the pregnancy comments to themselves. Did I mention I am a sour and bitter pregnant woman? I don't know how all those mother goddess types do it with such grace.

In the end, my husband only veto'ed an art smock that I was going to get for my mother in law. I thought it would be nice for her to have one at her house, but he thought that was too much. Geez, they were like 5 bucks. So I finished ordering all the goodies. The kids stuff is expensive, and they add up! I did make myself feel better by reminding myself that I used to spend that much without blinking at a boutique or the makeup counter. And since I am refusing to buy clothes until I fit my old size, and since I don't do anything to my skin, I am saving so much money. Only thing I have bought other than maternity clothes in the last 2 1/2 years so far are some comfortable shoes, one pair of jeans, and a sweater. I keep telling myself that after I have this baby and wean him, I will get back into my old shape. It may not be realistic, but since it is saving me money, I am going to keep that dream alive. :) But I digress.

I had promised myself that his playroom would be finished before I buy anything else, so I finished his playroom yesterday. My husband wouldn't really help me much. I was rearranging all the crap over and over because I am not very good at knowing where to put furniture and stuff, and he refused to help. So here I was moving all the crap with my pelvis hurting. Well, I guess he did put together the table, vacumed the closet floor, and wiped down the shelves. Talking about tables...well, another new parent mistake. Costco had this really cute wooden patio set for kids, and they were really cheap. So I thought that would make a really good table for craft and such. I realized yesterday, duh! they have grooves. *sigh* But I did buy this finger painting try, so I think I am OK, but how could have have been so dumb? Oh well, the damage is already done. I guess if they really don't work out, I now have a kiddo patio set? Anyways, the room is done. Now, anything that doesn't fit into the toy bins in the living room are moving to the playroom. I am excited to have an adult looking house back!

I have noticed that I must be nesting a bit early. I am going from room to room to throw out everything, unclutter, and organize. May be because I am taking one day off per week, I have the energy to care. But so far, the pantry, the gear closet, and the playroom are clutter free and beautiful. I love gutting out a space, giving/throwing things away, and ending up with a clean spacious space. Ahhh. It's like a breath of fresh air in the forest...

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8 years 3 months ago #82551 by clee03m
I bought the Play-doh Creativity Center (cheaper at Toysrus than Amazon BTW) for my son. It was a big hit. He is only 19 months old, but he was facinated by play-doh. He really like molds and squeezing play-doh out of the garlic press looking thing. He was open mouthed in awe when my husband used the cookie cutter looking thing to make cars. He was very careful with the cars as he 'drove' it around the little table that comes with this kit. And of course he loved opening and shutting the box. I really like this kit, even though it was a bit more expensive than the other kits because of the little table it comes with. And I really like how all the stuff fits inside when you are done. I am determined keep our house clutter free.

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8 years 3 months ago #82707 by clee03m
We are in full potty training hell in our household. He is only 19 months old, but together with his diaper rash on his penis (!) and the knowledge that most Korean babies start potty training around this age, my husband and I decided to use my vacation this month and bite the bullet. I mean diaper rash on his butt is one thing, but on his foreskin? Not cool. And I was starting to worry that it looks a lot like Staph, and all the I&D's I see at the hospital with MRSA *shudder*, I decided no more diapers.

We chose the bare bottom method as this most closely resembles my mom's method she used when my brother and myself were around my son's age. Of course my brother was fully potty trained by 18 months, being that he is better at everything than me...

Anyways, after being knee deep in urine and shit for a few days and one day of potty strike (oh, god, that was really bad), we are making real progress. My little boy is having fewer and fewer accidents, and he even went potty on his travel potty once! Yay! Still accidents are horrrrrible since they pretty much go on the floor. But I still think bare bottom was the way to go for this age group. He is stylin' in his babylegs leg warmer. They are very useful for potty training.

Here are some potty training things we found useful:
1. Elmo Potty. Potty strike over after we got this doll
2. Treats. Stickers didn't do the trick, but dried cranberries did. And we added one of those organic baby cookie for good measure.
3. At this age, the parents and the care takers are the ones getting trained. We are getting really good at what he looks like when he needs to go. We are also getting to know his pee and poo cycle.

And viola! like magic, the diaper rash is gone, gone, gone! The spot where he had the blistering rash looks a little scarred still, but no redness, no blisters, no rash. Phew! That is a relief.

Our first strategy is to get him to poo and pee with our suggestion. We sit him down on the potty when we think he needs to go. He is doing pretty good with that. Next step will be to have him give us a signal. But I guess when you start this early, getting to the second stage will take a little while.

But it has been an exhausting week for me and my husband. Is it hard for everyone?

I am not sure how grandma is going to handle all this. She seems fully on board with this as she is still threatening to go diaper free with our next child. But she is only one person, and she is a bit of a neat freak. *shrug* We'll see.

BTW, I can get that boy to take a nap on the dot at 1:30 everyday. She has no excuse!

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8 years 3 months ago #82708 by clee03m
Being that potty hell, I mean training, is a whole subject in itself, I didn't want to add this in there, but I now remember why I don't like crafts. The things that guarantee to be not messy are still freaking messy. Stamps? Messy. Hand print ink pad? Messy. Crayons? Ok, it wouldn't have been too messy had my husband not broken it by stepping on one.

And what are you guys doing about preschool? My friend told me to check out one of those parent coop ones. I was leaning towards the prestigious prep school ones. But the cool thing about the parent coop one is that they have classes for kids starting at 2 years old. This would give my mother in law a little breathing room with the little one coming and all. I am going to call them and see when I can come by and see them.

My friend is such a freaking super mom. She works 4 days a week, has an awesome mommy group, attends parenting classes, and does all sorts of really cool stuff with her son. My only consolation is that she lets him watch a lot of TV. Even before he turned 2 despite the recommendation from AAP! Well, I have to cling to this as otherwise I go down the I-am-a-bad-mother spiral.

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8 years 3 months ago #82724 by clee03m
My son asked me to put him to bed for the first time since he was night weaned! I know I shouldn't be so excited since it is really sweet how he and his father are so close, but I am so excited! Yay!

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