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Help wanted!

7 years 8 months ago #83978 by newhope
Graduated 2003. No GC. USMLE scores
step 1 - 82 (202) 1st attempt, 2006
step 2 - 76 1st attempt, 2006
step 2 CS 1st attempt, 2007
step 3 - 79 (205) 4th attempt, 2011

Some 1-2 months US observership/ externship experiences, but a lot of gap between them. I can't go back to my country. I couldn't apply 2 previous years because of lack of money and low self esteem due to failure in Step 3. I can't apply for SOAP because I didn't apply. Do you think its worth trying for residency this coming September? Or, should I just give up and leave medicine for life? I want to start everything all over again. Please help me.

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7 years 8 months ago #84008 by MTaylor
It depends on "what you want to be when you grow up."

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7 years 8 months ago #84102 by flustrated
Having some trouble understanding your post. I take it you passed steps 1 and 2, and finally passed step 3 after 4 attempts. It would be 10 years between med school and residency, if you started in 2012, yes?

I would think you could find some primary care residency positions, but you would have to be flexible, and willing to move wherever. Primary care is getting harder and lower pay year by year. However, if you don't have debt, it might be worth it, and you'd be out in 3 year, plus getting paid in the meantime. Why did you have so much trouble with the USMLE? Was it language/cultural, or out of practice, or not a good test taker, or just not that good a student?

I know some foreign medical grads who have made their place here as surgical techs, ultrasound techs, and similar types of work. Some have gone on to practice as MDs, I know one who actually repeated med school here. But is it worth it? Mid level (NPs and PAs) opportunities are really taking off, good pay, less time investment- but will cost you tuition.

If you want to be a practicing MD in the United States, be aware, many new med schools are opening, and in a few years there will a flood of new grads, but no change in the number of residency positions. There will competition for any position, and there will be no, or almost no, more foreign graduates in US programs. Therefore, the time to get into a US residency program is now.

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