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5 years 1 month ago #95218 by Docmomof4
Had to reply to this, even though it was posted awhile ago. I think it is interesting.

1) Thankfully I don't get sick very often. I've had killer migraines and had to work, also GI bug both ends. One of my senior residents worked with appendicitis and ended up in the ER getting admitted during her night on call though.

2) Hours without sleeping-48 in a row and I was not fit to talk to people, let alone make medical decisions. Supervised as a resident and unsupervised as an attending. Have been on call as an attending from Friday night until Monday morning with very little sleep like 6 hours total for the weekend.

3) Off to me is off. no beeper, phone, computer. Not it. Happens about 1-2 weeks a year. The other vacation weeks I get calls and texts and have to check in via computer but am not seeing patients.

4) Yes. I take them to do hospital rounds and they sit with the nurses at the nurses station or watch tv in the waiting room. All as an attending. While I was nursing my hubby used to bring the baby to my call room so I could nurse her during my weekends on. I have also brought kids to the office for a half day if they were off from school, they sit at an empty desk and use a tablet or computer.

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