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Thinking to quit my job...please help

5 years 3 months ago #94966 by English
I have seen many women work part time in family med in academic centers and in residency programs in the community. But that's family medicine and most academic centers don't even have a family med program dependent on the city and region. I guess my question to you is what do you like about academic medicine? If it's about the residents, teaching med students, etc. You can still do that in private practice or as a hospital employee, but they may have enough physicians that you can work part time. If it's the research that attracts you then you can do that as well -- just get involved with a big institution that has ties to a medical school or academic facility. Are you not considering community programs-- and if so then I would ask why not? I worked in academics for awhile and the only difference I saw in community programs was that they were more clinical med heavy while academics was more research heavy. I also noticed my salary was less at the academic institution while in the community programs it was close to the level of private practice (much higher). The truth is a lot of academia comes out to the community to do the research since most patients get their care in large community hospitals instead of traveling downtown to the academic center.

I thought I would miss academics, full spectrum family med, inpatient care, etc., but working part time has allowed me to have a life apart from medicine.
I get to do more volunteer work at my child's school and at my church-- and I'm a 0.8 FTE, so I work more than I am off, but it was enough to give me some assemblance of work-life balance. Good luck! This is a lot to deal with being 8 mos pregnancy but keep on looking if possible and give other options a chance-- you may be pleasantly surprised.

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5 years 3 months ago #94970 by espm
I am a hospitalist as well currently moonlighting. I left my last job, which was full-time, when I was pregnant and took a year off. I loved spending more time with my family, but a year off was too long from a professional standpoint. When I tried to find a new job, it was extremely difficult. I was very lucky to find my current moonlighting position. And after spending a year at home, I felt very rusty and anxious about returning to work. If you take too much time off, you may not be able to get hospital privileges at some hospitals.

Regarding part-time in academic medicine, I personally don't know of anyone who does this. My first job out of residency was a part-time at a community hospital, but it was a job share. It was great, but I eventually had to move due my husband's job.

I don't think employers expect hospitalists to stay in one place for very long, so I don't think leaving your current job will hurt future job prospects, but I would be cautious not to take too much time off.

I hope you find the best fit for you and your family.

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5 years 3 months ago #94971 by Lakebaby
Thank you everyone for your replies. I love both the teaching and research and in my last job (academics, smaller hospital) some people were part time )men and women). It was a shock for me not to be allowed this flexibility and in hindsight may not have taken this job if I knew that they wouldn't allow part time at all as I knew it wanted to get pregnant.

Maybe I will have to look at community programs, I thought I would miss rounds and teaching and research but I have to choose between that and what I want for family life.

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5 years 3 months ago #94972 by Lakebaby
Hi - just wanted to find out the best way to look for moonlighting positions and how many shifts a month/week you'd recommend to keep your skills up.
Thank you so much again!!

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5 years 3 months ago #94976 by Emily2651
I'm not sure how to plug into moonlighting in a new community. I have a moonlighting gig I learned about after residency/during fellowship and another part-time hospitalist gig I hooked into similarly. I'm interested in what others have to say about this, in case we ever move from the area where I trained. I wonder if you could call a local residency program and ask where the trainees moonlight?

Re: clinical volume required to keep your skills up, I've been wondering about this too and I think (if you don't mind) I'll start another thread devoted to the topic.

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5 years 3 months ago #94984 by lyn2006
I've found a couple anesthesia moonlighting/ per diem opportunities in my area mostly by luck and persistence... and the new version of cold-calling -- cold-emailing :)

Getting the contact info for people in the group who know if there is a position and have the power to do something about it is the trick I think. And it's not easy figuring out who to contact and how.

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