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Hospitalist Versus Clinic

4 years 4 months ago #95668 by WisDoc
A few years ago I moved to a new town and did some hospitalist work while waiting for a clinic position to open. I loved the hospital work and the group but was happy to go back to clinic work. I did continue to do some hospital work to try and maintain my skills.

Recently, clinic has been more and more demanding. I work part-time and recently all of us were told to add more clinic hours and take less vacation for the same pay. I am always on the computer trying to keep up with my patients -- even on my days off. I am feeling burned out even though my schedule is not always full and continue to have more responsibilities placed on me. I have had a huge turnover in staff that has not helped either.

I was approached to return to hospital work. I am seriously considering it. I would be giving up seeing children and doing preventative care, but the thought of not having so much paperwork is appealing. However, in clinic my schedule is set, I don't work weekends and holidays and I can ask for vacation. While as a hospitalist, I can never request time off. I have some say in my schedule. There is also no back-up system. My husband already works shift work. I would earn more and work less as a hospitalist.

I have 4 young kids. I feel like I can never catch-up with their lives or mine.

Any thoughts or opinions or shift work versus clinic work? If I leave clinic work again, I am not sure I will ever be able to go back.


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4 years 4 months ago #95669 by sahmd
Why wouldn't you be able to go back to clinic work if you left?

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4 years 4 months ago #95680 by WisDoc
I doubt they would let me return to clinic work where I work now. Maybe someday another group, but would probably have to move.

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4 years 3 months ago #95737 by efex101
hospitalist hands down but I am biased :)
the tremendous BS of clinic is what kept me out of it since finishing residency, the pre-auth, constant calls/refills, pain med seekers, hell no. I love my job chaos for a week then home to rest and my hours are very doable.

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3 years 8 months ago #96094 by packerdoc
So I am having a similar dilemma. I do not yet have children, but hoping to change that within the next 2 years. I am currently an outpatient doc, though I have recently graduated residency so I am in a new practice. And actually I started a new practice. I work for a hospital system, but my practice is new (and I am by myself), so that may add to my stress. But I find myself wondering if I made the right choice to do outpatient medicine. I am doing moonlighting for the hospitalist group to make extra money on the weekends and find myself really enjoying that work.
I love establishing relationships with patients in the outpatient setting, but it can also be exhausting- too many patients this week that want me to be their pain management doctor, fill out disability paperwork, prior auths to do, fighting with insurances on whether they will cover this or that test. And I'm not even all that busy yet! (since my practice is just a few months old). I can imagine it's going to become much more frustrating. But then when I have pts return that I know, it's nice to see them again, it's nice to be developing ongoing relationships with my pts, it's just all the other stuff I don't like dealing with.
When I am in the hospital, it feels different. I know hospitalist medicine has it's own sets of stressors, but wondering if that's what I should be doing?
It's definitely hard to figure out!
I find myself wondering what I am going to want to be doing when I have a couple children at least- if I am working 7 on 7 off, will I be ok with missing the kids sporting events every other weekend? Will I be ok seeing them (and my husband) very little every other week? But then I think, will it be all that much different than working a busy primary care practice, when you are seeing 20 patients a day, I imagine the days are long and you end up bringing home work/notes to do at home too, and you are doing that 4-5 days a week every week rather than 7 days every other week.

For those Moms in practice that are hospitalists, how do you balance work and family life? Do you feel like you're missing out on a ton every other weekend (I am sure there are alternative hospitalist schedules but 7 on/7 off is what I am familiar with.
For those with busy outpatient practices, how many hours each day would you estimate you are working? Is it really possible to work a full time outpatient practice and get adequate family time?

I think my situation is exacerbated by the fact that this is a new practice, I have new staff, and because I'm new I feel like I do not have a lot of support staff because my hospital system does not want to hire more until I am busier. So things might be more frustrating than they will be in the future, or more than they would be in a well established, more efficient practice.

At this point I envision leaving my current job in a couple years as husband and I plan to move to a different city, but I would like to try to decide which route would be best for me to figure out what type of job to look for in the future!

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3 years 5 months ago #96280 by Freespirit
I'm currently working in the clinic and
The Nh was added on to my responsibilities. I have at least 2-3 admissions every week, 1-2 discharges and 57 pts in the NH.
It's catching up on me the paper work is behind. But I don't feel the intensity that I would may be .
If you have good sub specialist support and you like hospital work it would save you a lot of paperwork and follow up on the tests and every body telling the pt to go to pcp for everything.

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