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ideas on alternative jobs for ob/gyn md

13 years 9 months ago #23431 by AnnaM
Just search the internet for websites of state university medical schools and check their websites for contact info of the ENT department. I'm at a satellite site that doesn't have an ENT department.

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13 years 9 months ago #23432 by francesca'smom
They are in the middle of hiring 2 new staff docs plus the Medical Director at my place of employment in New York. If you are interested though, let me know asap and PM me for the current Medical Director's name/phone# and other details. They are a little hard to find out about it, despite the fact that there are always available jobs at the developmental centers. This one was in NEJM. I recently saw another one at the Palmer (Mass.) Developmental Center advertised in NEJM as well. I think the best thing, if you are only interested in a certain location, would be to call the state's office of mental retardation and/or developmental disabilities (or look on their website) and ask for the number of the Medical Director at the developmental center. I hope I didn't mislead you, but these jobs accept most specialities, but you will be practicing primary care (and lots of paperwork!) They do sometimes have jobs for psychiatrists and dentists as well, but those are part-time I think. Other specialities hold clinics here but are just reimbursed by medicare so its mostly our of the goodness of their hearts as my mom used to say.
Let me know if you have more questions!

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