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Physician only forum?

17 years 1 week ago #23721 by Marlys
I really hope the physicians' forum stays open to all. I agree with all the above posters who sincerely value the messages from physicians who are in the trenches. This information is significant to me as I decide if I really want to head in this direction, and I appreciate the willing physicians who share their professional ups and downs with this supportive community.

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17 years 1 week ago #23722 by drmcd1
I am a new member. I am also a new physician - I finished residency about a year and a half ago. I understand both sides of the issue, but do think the benefits of keeping the forum open are too great to overlook. Those either thinking of entering or going thru med school have to be mature enough to handle anything we have to dish out. I would hope they would also be discreet as required in this profession. As to those who think that women physicians should gripe to their own women friends - I would like to point out many women physicians find themselves without many other women physician friends to gripe with cuz we are all too busy with our families and careers to get together very often. Also non physician women can be good friends, but just don't understand all of the difficulties or their significance. I came across this website by accident, and I think it is great I can "talk" with other women physicians in the evening after the kids have gone to bed. Keep up the good work.

Carolyn :goodvibes:

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17 years 1 week ago #23723 by jen
I am not a physcian YET, but I do hope that I would be able to post privately to a group at this site when I am a physcian. However I also like having an open forum to read and ask questions to physcians to help prepare for my future the best way I can. Maybe there could be a private forum for physcians regarding private business matters only, and also an open forum for them to discuss the other things such as family, career balancing, etc. I have been more encouraged to pursue a medical career as a single mother by reading post by medical students and physicians, mainly because I have a little more of a feel of what I am getting into. Knowing that they are or have done it, encourages me as well. It can be done is what I know beleive instead of, It's not possible!

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17 years 1 week ago #23724 by Victoria Rose
I have noticed that most of the responses that are against a physician only site have been posted by non-physicians. As a physician myself, I would like to defend this proposal. There are many issues that are not even relevant to non-physicians that need to be discussed whethor or not confidentiality is an issue. Even at the physician only site, an identity can be disguised. As was evidenced by some of the replies, sensitivity and understanding to many of the problems faced by physicians may only be understood by other physicians. Of course, every one is entitled to their opinion, but when one is only thinking about oneself when giving it, the opinion is much less helpful to others.

There are many issues that need to be discussed in a delicate and sensitive matter, and perhaps one may feel more at ease to discuss these issues when one knows it will be discussed among peers and it will be given the consideration it deserves without others looking at as "griping".

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17 years 1 week ago #23725 by MomMD
Just throwing another idea out here!! :D

How about if MomMD members really exercised a code of conduct (which already exists), that states that by using the forum for physicians, if you aren't a physician you will not post any questions about premed or student issues? If we all respect each others forums, then we all benefit from reading them.

Also, the reason that the forums come across as having a strong student focus is because so many students post. Our physician and resident members could really make their presence known and become an active part of the site by posting more. There have been several threads in this forum asking "physicians to speak up" or similar. More frequent posting will give you a better sense of ownership of the forum and make you feel part of a larger group of women physicians. I'm not sure how receptive the other websites for physicians only are to woman relevant discussions, but this is what makes MomMD special as about 99% of us are women! By the way, did you know that the highest percentage of our members used to be premeds and it is now physicians!

Just another perspective. To balance out I have received two private emails asking me to keep the forums closed to non-physicians. If you want them closed, please feel free to post and share your opinion!

Sethina :goodvibes:

President, MomMD<br />Connecting Women in Medicine - Welcome all physicians, resident physicians, medical students and premedical students!

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17 years 1 week ago #23726 by kiddiestatdoc
Sethina and all,

I support the physician only forum changes that you suggest. No time to write more on it.....

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