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changing specialities/surg residency at 45

15 years 10 months ago #24104 by **DONOTDELETE**
I have heard that Virginia Mason in Seattle is very humane as surgery residencies go. (This is from an old classmate.) They really DO keep the residents under the 80 hours, and they seem to get a good amount of OR time, good teaching, very academic. From other old classmates, I get the impression that anything having to do with UCLA is the opposite of family-friendly (UCLA, Harbor-UCLA, etc.-- I have a classmate who averages 130 hours a week at UCLA, reportedly.) And as a general thing, some women surgeons (young women surgeons who are moms) with whom I have worked have told me that community programs are often better in terms of less scut, more OR time, than university programs. Well, that's just a handful of west coast programs, but I hope it helps.

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