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Part time Opportunity for Surgeons or Family Practice Physicians Fresno California

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Join the National “Center of Excellence for Wound Management” Physician Group Hiring Family Practice, Surgeons, and Wound Care specialists with an active license. Flexible, part-time schedule. 60 encounters in 21 hours per week. No administrati
Join the National “Center of Excellence for Wound Management” Physician Group   Hiring Family Practice, Surgeons, and Wound Care specialists with an active license. Flexible, part-time schedule. 60 encounters in 21 hours per week. No administrative work. No nights, weekends, or on-call. Over 4 million patient visits in 27 states. Paperless, outcomes focused practice with tailored EMR and full support staff Free training provided  Please watch this short youtube video which will help you better understand our practice and the lifestyle it will offer you.   Attached below is a practice description also for your review.   Please complete our on line application   Contact me if you have any questions Let me know your availability for a video conference interview and I will set you up to talk with our team   Regards, Ed     Edward Skornia Vice President Practice Development Office: 954.399.4684                                ,     Practice Description: We’re the nation’s leading physician group delivering bedside skin and wound care services  to patients in over 2500 skilled nursing and rehabilitation centers throughout 27 states.  We have  over 180 physicians in our practice  nationwide.  As a result of our continued success and demand for our services we are expanding our practice to an area near you.     At Vohra we: Provide physician training in geriatric skin and wound care; Assign physicians SNF ,   LTAC’s and Rehabilitation Facilities in a geographic area convenient to your residence; Provide a regional practice manager to assist you with building your practice Provide a proprietary Electronic Medical Record system that streamlines the paperwork and billing process in addition to providing performance reports. Allow each physician the ability to achieve their unique balance of compensation and life-style. Offer a practice with No  weekends, No Nights, No holidays, No On-call, Individualized Schedule. Notably, we also: Provide significantly better clinical outcomes to a population that truly benefits from and appreciates from our services; We’re setting National Benchmarks for Wound Care for bed bound patients throughout the US. To review some of our many physician testimonials and patients who have regained a better outlook on life through our services, please view our website: Physicians joining our practice include Family Practitioners, Surgeons, and Internists, etc… Although life-style is an attraction, our physicians also enjoy doing procedures and seeing the results of their efforts and providing a much needed service to a much neglected population.   Physicians interested in this opportunity must be able to commit to 2 days at minimum per week and they must be the same 2 days each week (e.g., 16- 24 hours Mon-Friday between 7 A.M. and 4 PM); As that is when the facilities are fully staffed and your support staff is available to assist you.  A Vohra Wound Physician typically works approximately 8 hours per day.      Training The training process typically takes 5 to 10 days based on the physicians’ wound care experience.  The initial weeks training will be held at our regional training facilities throughout the U.S.  We pay our physicians a daily stipend during training which should cover your costs for travel and accommodations.  We also pay the trainers to train you. Candidates simply invest their time, but gain cutting edge wound care knowledge in doing so.  During your training your regional practice manager will be arranging appointments for you to meet with the key staff members (medical directors, administrators, directors of nursing) following the successful completion of training,  these meetings will be scheduled at facilities proximate to where you live. Compensation Our clinicians are compensated by fee-for-service model, with our national average of approximately $800- $1,000 per day. With that said there is no lag time/ waiting for re-imbursement.  We pay our clinicians on the 12th of each month, for the previous months work.  Thus, many of your peers are very attracted to this due to the mere fact that they do not have to wait 3-4 months for payment from insurance carriers.  (The fee-schedule will be provided upon contract offering). Practice At the end of the training period our regional manager will then schedule a meet and greet with your facilities and typically you will start seeing patients the following week.  During your first week following training, you will see approximately 15-25 patients in 2-3 facilities (as all of the patients are new and require more time for assessment, evaluation, and documentation within our EMR).  Our Medical Director’s will review your documentation ensuring you’re providing quality service and adequate documentation.  We will continue to increase your volume of new patients each week until your practice is successful and at the rate of approximately 75-125 patients per week full-time, or 60 patients per week part-time.  Dependent upon your learning curve and efficiency, as well as the markets viability this process may take from as little as a few weeks, to as much as 3 months in Total.   Support Staff At each facility you will have support staff which will include a wound care nurse and nursing assistance who will accompany you upon rounds.  The wound rounds will be conducted each week at the bedside.  We will also provide you with supplies at a subsidize rate (if necessary).  Our approach to wound care is a team approach that in which has proven to show better outcomes and immediate results.                         Our medical directors are available by phone and on-site for any support you may need, as well as our trainers and mentors. Our medical directors and external compliance auditors review your notes on a regular base, and follow-up with you to provide support and assistance when needed. Our group typically holds regional and national meetings in conjunction with national accredited wound care organizations, to provide on-going education to our physicians. Further, we encourage all of our physicians to become wound care certified and upon successful completion of your first year as a Vohra Wound Physicians you will be eligible to become certified with the Association for the Advanced Wound Care.    Malpractice Coverage You can obtain coverage through us  at a discounted group rate.   We also provided you with in-house counsel who can assist you, if an adverse issue arises.   At Vohra Wound Physicians we provide you a better life, peace of mind, and an individualized rewarding practice.     I encourage you to visit our website at and schedule an interview to see if you’re the next Vohra Wound Physician.  We look forward to hearing from you in the near future.    
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Physician– MD, Physician– DO
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