How to Prepare for Objections to Your Job Share Request

Are you ready with well-scripted answers to each question or objection your boss may bring up in response to your proposal for job sharing?

Pat Katepoo is the developer of the e-workbook, Flex Success: A Proposal Blueprint & Planning Guide for Getting a Family-Friendly Work Schedule.

This is an important proposal preparation step. Don't skip it.

As with an all-important job interview, anticipate and think through likely questions.

Prepare and practice your replies. A role-play session with a friend, or a supportive co-worker who is familiar with your boss's temperament, can be a very useful exercise.

To get you started thinking about what to expect, below are ...

Five common objections heard from bosses

In response to the suggestion of a non-traditional work arrangement, be prepared with responses to the following:

OBJECTION #1: "We've never done this before." OR "It's not our policy."

OBJECTION #2: "If I let you do it, everyone else will want to do the same."

OBJECTION #3: "You're a can't work less than full time."

OBJECTION #4: "Your type of job can't be turned into part-time."

OBJECTION #5: "Why do you want to work fewer hours, anyway?" (This question may come from co-workers, as well as your boss.)

Other possible objections would be specific to your job and your employer. What are they? Remember to prepare and practice your responses.

You get scripted replies to all the above objections in Flex Success: A Proposal Blueprint & Planning Guide for Getting a Family-Friendly Work Schedule. Check out more details about this e-workbook which you can download minutes from now.

Note: Many successful Flex Success users have told me that they were the first person to initiate a non-traditional work arrangement within their department or employer, which is generally why they equipped themselves with Flex Success.

Don't let Objection #1 keep you from getting what you want and need for work/family balance!

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