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Step 2 CK study time

5 years 8 months ago #81720 by nbp
So I'm on an 8-week outpatient rotation, and decided I'd study for Step 2 CK while I'm on it. I scheduled the test for Oct 8, figuring that would give me 6 weeks to study without putting it off until the very end (I'd like to get it over with). However, so far I've done about 150 World questions and read 8 out of 34 chapters in Crush. This first four weeks has been pediatrics and has been pretty busy. My understanding is that starting the week after next, I should be able to manage at least a half-day off per week. So, if I'm going to stick with Oct 8, I'd get the miniscule studying I'm doing now, plus 2 weeks of at least a half-day per week of studying.

My goals for Step 2 are to do at least as well, and preferably a little better, than I did on Step 1 (230). Basically I don't need my Step 2 score to rock, but I need it to not count against me. So here's my question: should I keep the test on Oct 8 and go with those 2 weeks of studying? Should that be enough? Alternatively, I could push it back a week and have 3 weeks to study. I don't want to push it back 2 weeks, because that last week I'll have the clerkship exam plus an OSCE, and am taking Step 2 CS the Monday after (yuck).

There is also one more option. In November, I am taking an elective that meets 1 hours a week. I was planning to do some interviewing and a whole lot of data analysis/writing that month, but if I needed to I could use it to study for Step 2. So in summary (I know, I'm a dork), here are my options:

Step 2 Oct 8 (2 weeks of half-days to study).
One week later (3 weeks of half-days to study).
Late November (most of November to study, but it would be hanging over my head longer and taking away from research time).

What do you all think? Obviously I can keep it for Oct 8 and push it back later if need be, but I'd rather have a reasonable goal set and stick to it. Thanks!!!
5 years 8 months ago #81721 by asunshine

nbp wrote: Step 2 Oct 8 (2 weeks of half-days to study).
One week later (3 weeks of half-days to study).
Late November (most of November to study, but it would be hanging over my head longer and taking away from research time).

All sound like fine options. I know for myself, if I procrastinated, I would have just had that many more weeks of obsessing ahead of me.

Take a UWorld practice test and see where you're at. If it's a good place to start with, go ahead and take a week (or two half-weeks), cram like crazy, and get that bad boy over with. Your Step 1 score is great for psych, so I don't think you have to worry either way. (But you knew that already, I'm sure. :) :) )
5 years 8 months ago #81725 by nbp
Thanks a! I'm taking a quick break halfway through a World practice exam, which I was planning to do today anyway (great minds think alike, huh?) - will post results later. :)
5 years 8 months ago #81727 by nbp
Assessment score (scale of 200-800) = 460.
Approximate 3-digit score = 207.

I haven't actually reviewed the test yet, but it seemed like I had a hard time with cards questions (murmurs, valvular disease, pharm) and maybe gyn stuff as well. Of course they say the approximate 3-digit score is not intended to predict test performance, but I'm assuming that's just a legal disclaimer - why would they give it if it's not meant to gauge test performance? If I got a 207 on Step 2 I'd be super bummed. Think 2 weeks of intensive study will be enough?

Not sure also whether to take an NBME practice test at some point. I had one person recommend taking as many as possible. Another person told me they take a ton of time and don't give you the answers, so what's the point? Also, the one I have for free through my school (form 3) I have heard from several people is not representative - makes you think you're doing much worse than you are. Not sure what to make of all of that.
5 years 8 months ago #81728 by nbp
Also, if I reschedule at this point, I'll have to pay $50. Phooey.
5 years 8 months ago #81734 by Popcorn
I used Step 2 Secrets and Boards & Wards exclusively. I knew those 2 little books backwards and forwards, and give them full credit to the 245 I pulled. (Ok, so I learned something on my 3rd year rotations, but still, it was a lot better than my Step 1.)

I didn't take any dedicated time as I remember it- just read those religiously.

I think you'll be fine. Step 2 is worlds better than step 1, partly because you've actually done some of it rather that just memorize it.

Good luck!
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