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disappointing MCAT score. Re-take?

5 years 11 months ago #79989 by dancin2aMD
Hi everyone! I just received my MCAT score and it was the lowest of all of my practice tests: a 29R (10 PS 10 BS, 9 VR). My fiance and I live in new york and I plan to apply to schools that will be commutable for both of us (he is a fashion photographer and shoots and edits in Manhattan). 16 schools in NYC, Long Island, Brooklyn, and Philadelphia.

I feel like a 29 isn't really good enough but am not sure whether I should re-take. I had pretty horrible test anxiety last time. GPA was a 3.85 overall, 3.6 (math and science). I was a dance major and have over 6 years of clinical experience (between college and my job post graduation), I teach yoga, and am involved in 2 research. I also was an RA and worked at least 20 hours per week through college.

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5 years 11 months ago #80028 by asunshine
It's a fine score. And balanced too. I had a 29N and still got in early decision. It's a gamble no matter how u slice it. You can always reapply if this cycle isn't kind to you. Good luck! Let us know how it turns out!
5 years 7 months ago #82070 by dancin2aMD
Thank you so much for your supportive response. I decided to apply to 10 schools instead (I weeded out some of the schools where the stats seem to favor super high MCAT score... including my alma mater, NYU). It is early October, all of my apps are complete, but no word as of yet. I'm going to start reviewing my MCAT flash cards just incase.

I have a back-up plan in mind. I have discovered that I absoluely love research and would love to throw myself into the academic sided of medicine for the next year if things don't work out this cycle. DO and podiatry schools will be added to the mix next year. Does anyone know a good DO in New York that is open for shadowing?

Any other suggestions?

"In life as in dance, grace glides on blistered feet."--Alice Abrams
5 years 7 months ago #82072 by megboo
29R is fine. If you've been reading studendoctor.net try not to let the 35+ scores get to you. Apply broadly, but if you are more than your score then you will get interviews. Especially if you are applying DO too.

In fact, if you have your MCAT score, why aren't you applying to DO schools now?

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5 years 7 months ago #82079 by southernmd
My MCAT was a 29 also! I am doing great in medical school, did great on boards, and not for a second do I think about that MCAT score unless I see someone like yourself posting they are upset about it! LOL. How ironic.

Apply broadly. Apply where you want to also. I see where DO is mentioned, but I actually feel very strongly that if you aren't into OMM - don't apply DO. I have some DO friends, and I think they are very smart. They also love the OMM they do. However, I don't like it at all, and I would be frustrated with it being in my curriculum, so I am glad I am MD. This is a very expensive and long venture, so if you aren't ok with either - just apply where you are ok. I also have friends who ONLY applied DO, because they didn't want to go to a med school that DIDN'T teach OMM - that's how much they believed in it. Fair enough.

So I'm not in the camp that says to use DO schools to broaden your app unless you KNOW you are cool with both types of school. The ONLY difference is OMM btw. Both DO and MD do the same thing and are great doctors.
5 years 7 months ago #82090 by bootlegger
I agree with everything said above. However, I think you should go ahead and throw those other 6 programs in. You never know. You may have something to offer that the school is looking for. Especially with your degree being in dance. It provides diversity to the class when everyone isn't a pre-med, bio, or chem major. So, if it were me I would go ahead and throw those other 6 in. Yes it is expensive, but the cost would definitely be offset my having a doctors salary one year earlier.
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