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Resources for SAHM-MDs?

7 years 8 months ago #23227 by PrevMedDoc
I also posted this in the family-parenting forum . . .

Hi, I am new to the mom md forums and was just wondering if there is any place on the website specifically for those of us who are staying at home with the kids full-time for a while. I am a preventive medicine physician (did a year of internal med, an MPH, and a preventive med residency, board certification, etc.) and have taken time off at various points during my training to be at home full-time. I've been working part-time for the last four years post-residency and decided to stay at home full-time for a while a couple of months ago. I am looking to connect with other mom md's who have made this choice, whether temporarily or permanently but am not sure how to find them. I've started my own blog ( doconbreak.blogspot.com/ ) and have found a couple of other blogs of SAHM-mds, but that aren't necessarily focused on helping the new SAHM-md make the transition to staying home.

I don't even know how many of us there are. Although I haven't been an active forum participant on mom md, I have used the website as a resource for several years and I've noticed that more moms seem to be saying that they are taking a break from working-- based on my scattered reading of the posts. Still, I am not sure if I'm one of ten in the country or if there is actually a significant number of us in the country.

Anyway, if anyone has any info on a particular place here or elsewhere on the web that is dedicated to us SAHM-MDs, please let me know!

I love this website and am so thankful it exists.
7 years 8 months ago #23228 by sahmd
I don't know of a place devoted to SAHM-MDs, but SAHM-MDs are definitely welcome here! A couple of people have started blogs here about their own personal stories, but I don't know of a collection of actual resources. But that is a very good idea. There are so few of us that we are unlikely to meet others in real life.
7 years 8 months ago #23229 by IrishMD
I worked as a general internist for 5 years and quit in Feb. I worked with a practice that wouldn't consider part-time among other problems. We moved so my husband could get a job and I had my second baby this summer. only my sister seemed ok with me quitting and everyone just keeps asking when I am going back to work, including my husband who is feeling the stress of being the only income earner (we also had to take a paycut and still have debts to pay off....). This has been very difficult and I knew noone who had quit and no one knew how to help me with insurance and licensure questions as well as even how to leave a practice successfully. I would love to try a non-clinical career but not sure how to get started. I would love to chat so send me a PM if you want but I will check out your blog.
7 years 8 months ago #23230 by sahmd
I would like to list some books that were helpful to me, but is there a way of linking them to Amazon so that MomMD can get "credit" at the same time?
7 years 8 months ago #23231 by PrevMedDoc
Hi, sahmd and IrishMD, Thanks so much for writing back. I know that a lot of professional women are opting to take career breaks to stay home with kids, but the trend seems way more uncommon among medical moms. I would love to stay in touch and am giving more thought to how to find ways for us to all be connected and share resources/support on common issues. I agree that SAHM-md's seem to be very welcome on Mom MD. I want to say again that I love this website!
7 years 8 months ago #23232 by kpzr/9145
Well it does not seem that uncommon to me! I know physician women in my professional circle who have done this. I myself work PT and always have. I have considered stepping out of the workforce at various times but thankfully I have been able to negotiate a lot of flexibility at work (it was not there, I created it). I want to say, do not feel alone. This website has been enormously helpful to me. It has allowed me to find a network of support that I did not have in my physical circle of friends, family, and colleagues. Everyone needs that!

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