Top 10 Medical School Interview Questions

Here's a list compiled over the years of commonly asked questions encountered during medical school interviews.

There is a fantastic post on the StudentDoc Medical School Interview Forum with over 140 sample questions and advice on the interview.

Top 10 Questions

10. What do you do if you suspect a colleague (another doc) is abusing drugs?

9. Rank intelligence, compassion, and integrity in the order of importance to you. 

8. Why a physician? Why not nursing?

7. What part of your CV are you most proud of?

6. What made you go into medicine?

5. Tell me about yourself. (Don't give a complete life history. Summarize the key points in a chronological manner and sprinkle with few details in your more recent history.)

4. Why did you volunteer where you did? (See Sample Interview Question Video: Volunteering)

3. Who are your heroes/role models and why? (See Sample Interview Question Video: Role models)

2. Why did you apply to this medical school? (See Sample Interview Question Video: Why this medical school)

And the No. 1 most commonly asked question during medical school interviews is ...

1. Why do you want to be a doctor? (Give several key points in summary form. Replace very general responses like, "I want to help people," with more specific intentions.)

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