New Year's Resolutions- 4 Steps to Success

For many of us who want to start living a healthier lifestyle, the hardest part is getting started. We often set our New Year's Resolution only to forget it a few weeks later. The first and most important step to succeeding at your new resolution is setting attainable goals. Here are four steps to create goals to help you make your New Year's Resolutions a reality.

1. Measurable Goals
One of the reasons people tend to lose interest in their New Year's resolution is because they are too vague. Many people vow this is the year they will get in shape, lose weight, or improve their health. These goals are great but there is no way to evaluate the specifics. Instead you could make a resolution to lose weight by walking 3 days a week, and cutting down your portion sizes. This creates a clear picture of how you are going to achieve your new resolution and helps you to take action.

2. Practical Goals
When creating a goal they must be practical which will depend entirely on your lifestyle. For example, if your day is scheduled around traveling from place to place and you typically depend on fast food, then setting a goal of bringing a lunch may not be practical. Instead you can make a goal to have a deli sandwich and salad instead of fast food 3 days a week.

3. Accept setbacks
Setbacks are a necessary part of the learning experience. Setting goals generally means changing habits which takes a bit of a learning curve. Setbacks are a natural part of the process and they don't mean that you have no will power or have failed. It means you are learning- accept them and move on!

4. Pamper Yourself
Learn how to reward your positive efforts in a healthy way. Enjoy a massage, pedicure, afternoon matinee or hot bath. It's up to you but make sure to reward yourself to keep up a positive momentum. Rewarding yourself without food also helps to lessen the urge to eat for emotional reasons. Be nice to yourself! It goes a long way in reaching your goals and improves your well-being.

2005, Meri Raffetto

Owner of Real Living Nutrition Services, Meri Raffetto is a recognized professional in the area of nutrition and wellness. She specializes in weight management and offers online programs to help people reach their weight loss and health goals. For more information or to sign up for a free newsletter visit

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