Why Would a Doctor Hire a Publicist? Not Just to Appear on Reality TV, says Sethina Edwards, Public Relations Expert

Why doctors are hiring publicists not only to appear on TV, but also to increase practice revenue and enhance professional reputation.

LOS ANGELES, CA - May 24, 2004 - Ever wonder why some doctors get their name in print or appear on TV? Many have earned this special attention with experience, reputation and luck. Others may have hired a publicist and created an effective PR campaign. Hiring a publicist isn't it only for doctors wanting to appear on "Extreme Makeover" or to launch their own product line. PR expert and president of MomMD.com, Sethina Edwards, advises that many doctors can benefit professionally from hiring a publicist.

"Public relations can be used by many 'regular' physicians wanting to secure coverage in regional or national publications," says Sethina Edwards, president and communications director for MomMD.com. "There is considerable criticism of the rise of physicians performing quick fixes' on reality TV. Employing a publicist is not just for those wanting to become the next celebrity doctor' or lo-carb diet guru. PR campaigns can enhance a physician's reputation, help market their practice, or publicize a research study or new book. With declining physician salaries and increased malpractice costs, many physicians are adding additional services to their practice for extra revenue. We predict that the number of physicians hiring publicists will increase over the coming years."

Medical offices today are in the business of medicine' - not only must patients be treated, but staff must be paid, insurance and legal costs covered, equipment purchased and paperwork handled efficiently. Some physicians are developing their own product lines, offering boutique services, opening spa offices, or writing books to increase their bottom line. Others educate the public about health and disease by speaking at hospitals and events, or by researching new treatments and cures. Using a publicist maximizes what the physician is already doing and can enable them to publish health-related information in popular newspapers and magazines.

For the past five years MomMD, a website for women in medicine, has been securing media coverage in many publications, books and on national TV. Edwards recently extended MomMD's services to include public relations and communication services for medical professionals. MomMD maintains an extensive media list of physicians available for commentary and expert opinion in the media. Coverage and interviews to-date include: Wall St Journal, Washington Post, New York Times, More, Ballyhoo, Monster.com and dozens more.

For more information on MomMD and their PR services call (310) 289 4456 or visit www.mommd.com.


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