Celebrates Moms in Medicine - Daring, Diverse & Dedicated

LOS ANGELES, CA - Sep 24, 2003 - More women than ever are choosing to become doctors. A growing number are embarking upon a medical career in mid-life, especially after having children. As physicians, medical students or premedical students these women face enormous challenges balancing medical careers with raising a family. This month is profiling and celebrating the contributions of these diverse, determined and inspiring women with online articles, discussions and weblogs.

"These moms are changing the face of medicine," says MomMD, LLC president and founder Sethina Edwards. "Fresh from dissecting a cadaver or treating patients, they might pick up the kids, prepare dinner, and help with homework (or do their own). Many have overcome tremendous obstacles to attend medical school, some uproot the entire family to a different state or even leave family behind. Some women even plan to have their first child during medical school. As a result they need support and information for this long and arduous journey." Every month 70,000 women physicians, medical students and premedical students log onto for personal support and professional information.

"When I first told people I wanted to become a physician I got blank stares, raised eyebrows or voices of disgust", says Edwards, also a mother of two. "That is why I founded MomMD over four years ago, I knew there were other women out there. Now thousands of physicians and medical students share advice, information and experiences about being a woman in medicine. There are hundreds of stories of strong women at The diverse background of our visitors includes members who are single parents of four, mothers of twins, or with spouses in the military. Many women can be the first in their medical practice to negotiate maternity leave, or the only one in the class with a child. It can feel pretty isolating at times. Whether they are physicians well-established in their career, over-worked residents, studious medical students or ambitious premeds, one thing in common they all share is the desire to learn and communicate with others in similar situations."

"Through the MomMD website women in medicine can find mentors, job share partners, interview tips or exam preparation strategies," explains Edwards. "They can also chat about family issues, divorce, stress and burn-out. MomMD offers a full array of personal resources and professional information, everything from a physician job listings board to hiring a nanny. Our members are dedicated to both their career and family and our resources reflect that commitment."

About MomMD, LLC is an online community and association for women physicians, medical students and premedical students. MomMD, LLC is a privately held company based in Los Angeles, California. MomMD is a registered service mark of MomMD, LLC . The site can be accessed at Media inquiries can be directed to Sethina Edwards at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (310) 289-4456.

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