Work ideas for stay-at-home MomMDs

In a recent MomMD forum discussion, 'sdsander3' asked a question about jobs for MomMDs who wanted to stay at home with their children. A good number of interesting responses with links to usefulresources followed.

To read the complete discussion thread on alternate careers for physicians.

'sdsander3' wrote:

I worked in a Pedi ER the past four years. I have a daughter who is 2 years old. I could not take the stress, changing hours, hostile people, director who nickeled and dimed me....just to name a few. I felt terrible leaving my daughter, and even when I was home, I was always tired and emotionally/physically exhausted. Between our different schedules I literally almost never saw her awake. Now things are so much better. It only took about a week of my staying home for her vocabulary to increase greatly. She just turned 2 this week and can count to ten by herself. My problem is that now my husband is going to have to take a pay cut. We were just making it and now we really aren't even close. I need to make some money, but cannot stand the thought of leaving my daughter in daycare. Does anyone have any ideas of what a physician can do to make money from home. I just know there has to be something.

'metaphysician' wrote:

There are a couple of places mentioned on this site about practicing online with the Virtual Medical Group. And is also mentioned somewhere - they use physicians to write medical cases for educational/CME purposes.

'psych' wrote:

One of my friends (also an ER doc) got a job with the state dept of transportation calling people who had DUI arrests on regular followups to see if they were still drinking using etc. I think she did it about 10 hrs a week during kids' naptimes. You never know what's out there until you look! I did the medical transcription thing after my internship when I stayed home with my son for a year. I earned about $12/hr plus productivity bonuses (this in 1996-7).

'vlcmd' wrote:

First, I know 2 mothers teaching university courses online. There may be a variety of health related topics you can teach. See among others.

You could author CME courses. See:www.mypatient.comwww.arcmesa.comChallenger Corporation

Like the reply above, I think locum tenens can be a good idea. Try:www.locumtenen.comwww.staffcare.comwww.comphealth.comAlso always check on the malpractice coverage befor you go and ask to see the certificate.

Think about doing healthcare advocacy/second opinions. See

Check out some freelance sites for possible medical writing or other

There are always jobs for doing IME's for attorneys or insurance companies.

Also try for your state social security office.You could be an expert witness, review charts or see patients.

Also consider freelance writing, either online or offline on parenting topics. See:www.writersmarket.comwww.writersweekly.comand many others for more on freelance writing). There are many parenting websites and they are often looking for content. Having an MD can really help you get your foot in the door.

If you might have any interests outside of medicine, do a search for 'wahm' on Google to find ways to make money from home. Paul and Sarah Edward's books are all excellent but the two latest are The Entreprenurial Parent and Home Based Jobs 2000 . I can not reccommend these strongly enough.

Have you considered becoming a life or career coach? Check out (coaching is listed in the Edwards book as one of the highest paying and most in demand work-at-home jobs). The work is done primarily by telephone.

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