MomMD Women in Medicine Survey Results - Results Medical Students & Residents

The following questions and results concern medical students and residents.

What year of study are you in currently?

A- MS4 or higher 6.86%
B- MS3 12.64%
C- MS2 8.66%
D- MS1 4.08%
E- I am not currently in medical school 57.76%

Answered question 277 54.96%
Did not answer question 225 44.64%
Answer unavailable 2 0.4%

These questions were asked of those thinking of a career in medicine, premedical students and medical students

Do you plan to work full or part-time as a physician?

A- Full-time 62.39%
B- Part-time 11.31%
C- Not sure 26.3%

Answered question 327 64.88%
Did not answer question 175 34.72%
Answer unavailable 2 0.4%

Do you plan to start your own practice?

A- Yes 17.38%
B- No 31.71%
C- Not sure 50.91%

Answered question 328 65.08%
Did not answer question 174 34.52%
Answer unavailable 2 0.4

What year of residency are you in currently?

A- PGY1 30%
B- PGY2 31.67%
C- PGY3 15%
D- PGY4 15%
E- PGY5 6.67%
F- PGY6 0%
G- PGY7 or higher 1.67%

Answered question 60 11.9%
Did not answer question 444 88.1%
Answer unavailable 0 0

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