Travel RN jobs

There is a large deficit today in the number of Registered Nurses available as compared to the number of jobs needing to be filled. For this reason, there is a huge demand for people willing to take on Travel RN Jobs.

What to expect from travel RN jobs

The idea behind travel nursing jobs is quite simple. Since there are so many medical facilities in need of Registered Nurses, they are willing to hire temporary professionals to fill positions until a permanent hire can be brought on. The travel nurse accepts temporary jobs where they are needed.

While travel RN jobs could have an RN traveling all over the country, and even internationally, individual nurses can set limits on the distances they are willing travel. In fact, some even restrict their "travel" to their own hometown. This does, of course, reduce the number of positions available to them, but for some who are not depending on full-time work hours, it can be an ideal part-time work arrangement. Needless to say, the greater the distance nurses are willing to travel, the more opportunities they will have. If you're not willing to travel and if you are looking for something more consistent, you might opt to stick with more traditional RN jobs. But if travel or variety is your thing, all the traditional types of RN jobs are available in higher paying travel positions, as well.

Another option travel nurses may be given is whether they would prefer to take jobs where the highest pay is offered, or whether they prefer to work in exotic destinations and likely compromise on their income a bit.

Ultimately, regardless of the distance traveled or the destinations chosen, the travel Registered Nurse is responsible for the same duties as a standard RN, including being a patient advocate, assisting the physician, administering medications, placing IVs, drawing blood, performing basic diagnostics, etc.

One additional responsibility of the travel nurse is managing the career. This involves communication with travel RN agency representatives, working out placement contracts, and of course, packing for trips!

The same education that a Registered Nurse would need will be required for a traveling nurse. The person will need to be an RN, possibly with a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing. If the person works in a specialty RN field, they will need the further education required to meet that specialty. Usually the candidate also needs to show they have had some prior work experience.

In order to travel from state to state, the person will have to pass the national Registered Nurse exam and be certified as an RN. This is the same requirement for a traveling or long-term nurse. For example, Chicago nursing jobs require an Illinois license even though the nurse might live in neighboring Indiana or Wisconsin. One benefit of working through an agency is that they can help you navigate any inter-state licensing issues.

How much do travel RN jobs pay?

The typical rate paid to travel RNs is in the range of $30 to $40 per hour, however this is by no means a rule.

Just as with standard nursing jobs, the salary of a travel RN will be affected by the region where they are hired and the size of the medical facility. Other factors which affect salary include the length of the job and the specialty and work experience of the applicant. Generally, travel nurses are paid a certain amount per hour and are also provided with housing during their stay at the facility.

One travel nurse reports that her agency covers her costs for relocating, housing and utilities, as well as substantial referral and contract completion bonuses. Contract details are worked out on an individual basis.

Hour-per-hour, travel nurses make more than their full-time, direct-hire counterparts - particularly when considering that housing expenses are often covered.

Searching for travel RN jobs

There are three main ways that a person could find these jobs. One way is to use online tools like travel nurse job boards and search engines. Online tools provide a broad list of available jobs. The second way is to directly seek the help of a travel nurse recruiter who will be able to place the nurse in various jobs across the country. A third option, for individuals interested in working in a particular location or destination, is to find the desired place of employment and then identify and contact the recruiters contracted to fill positions there.

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